Welcome to Canada: What you Should Know

telugu people in Canada

Moving to Canada is a great opportunity but also a great challenge. Find what to expect in your first few weeks of coming to Canada and learn how to:

  • find a place to live,
  • get around your new city,
  • work and go to school and
  • connect with your community

Prepare to work

How to get your credentials assessed, improve your language skills for work and get help finding a job

Get your credentials assessed

How to get your education, work experience or professional credentials assessed

Get to know Canada

Weather, laws, human rights, provinces and territories, family law and your rights and duties in Canada

Learn English and French

Improving language skills for work, language classes and language tests

Bring the right documents

Health and travel documents, customs declaration and disclosing funds to cross the border into Canada

Get help before arriving in Canada

In-person and online services, finding a job, settlement and languages

Prepare financially

Cost of living, sales tax and how to plan your household expenses

Learn what you can bring to Canada

What you can bring and what you will have to pay duty on when you cross the border into Canada

Choose a city

Large, medium and small cities in Canada, francophone communities and rural areas